Neon Green mixed box set of cards, Flower, XOX, Three Stars, THANK YOU
*NEW* Mixed Box of Letterpressed Notecards - 4 Colours!
Mixed Box set cards, Neon Pink THANK YOU, Neon Pink XOX, Neon Pink Heart, Neon Pink Bee,
Neon Orange Box set of cards, THANK YOU, Three Stars, Smiley Face, Bee

*NEW* Mixed Box of Letterpressed Notecards - 4 Colours!

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These NEW mixed box sets of cards are so useful to have! They were inspired by a friend asking for a selection and I then thought, what a good idea!

They make a perfect gift or just brilliant to have on your desk, for when you or your children need to write a quick note.

There are 20 cards of 4 designs per box, along with 20 premium Pale Grey envelopes all packaged in a gorgeous sturdy white box.

(If you would prefer a different colour for the Neon THANK YOU's or the Neon Stars, I can swap another colour in from the choice of Pink, Blue, Green or Orange as seen on my website. Just drop me an email ( or dm via Instagram ( @sololetterpress))

If any of the boxes read OUT OF STOCK - contact me! ( and don't panic!)

I make up the boxes to order, so it's not a problem. 

Box 1 - Navy Thank you, Neon Dragonfly, Navy Star, Neon THANK YOU

Box 2 - Neon Green Daisy,  Neon XOX, 3 Neon Stars,  Neon THANK YOU

Box 3 - Neon Pink THANK YOU, Neon XOX, Neon Heart, Neon Bee

Box 4 - Neon Orange THANK YOU, 3 Neon Stars, Neon Smiley Face, Neon Bee