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Kaweko Fountain pens complete with one ink cartridge for people who love to write gifts for everyone perfect for school
Kaweko Frosted Sport & packaging
Kaweko Frosted Colours
Kaweko Skyline Sport
Kaweco Classic Sport
Kaweko Frosted Sport
Kaweko Perkeo Fountain Pen in Teal Blue
Iridescent Pearl Kaweko Fountain Pen

Kaweko Fountain Pens

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A fun, affordable, classic fountain which is a true pocket pen!

Add the screw top lid to the end of the pen for it to become instantly usable, and because of its screw top it is less likely to leak in your pocket or handbag! Why not have two or three pens then you can mix and match the coloured cartridges...

The smoothest of writers for anyone who, like me, loves to write with ink.
One blue cartridge is supplied with the pen and it comes complete in smart Kaweko  packaging.

(The Teal Blue pen is from the Perkeo range and is a slightly bigger pen that has a clip on lid instead of screw top - I also have this pen in pink and is great for little hands!)

Check out some fabulous cartridge colours for your next refill on my website too!

Let me know how much you like them and send me some pics of what and where you are writing!

*NEW*Collectors Edition Iridescent Pearl

Most nibs are Medium, depending on supply, some are Fine.

I also stock a Kaweko gift tin that takes 2 Kaweko pens - email me to find out more!