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Neon Green mixed box set of cards, Flower, XOX, Three Stars, THANK YOU
Mixed Box of Letterpressed Notecards - 4 Colours!
Mixed Box set cards, Neon Pink THANK YOU, Neon Pink XOX, Neon Pink Heart, Neon Pink Bee,
Neon Orange Box set of cards, THANK YOU, Three Stars, Smiley Face, Bee
mixed box of notecards in green, blue, pink and orange

Mixed Box of Letterpressed Notecards - 4 Colours!

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These mixed box sets of cards are so useful to have! They were inspired by a friend asking for a selection and I then thought, what a good idea!

They make a perfect gift or just brilliant to have on your desk, for when you or your children need to write a quick note.

There are 20 cards of 4 designs per box, along with 20 premium Pale Grey envelopes all packaged in a gorgeous sturdy white box.

(If you would prefer a different colour for the Neon THANK YOU's or the Neon Stars, I can swap another colour in from the choice of Pink, Blue, Green or Orange as seen on my website. Just drop me an email ( or dm via Instagram ( @sololetterpress))

If any of the boxes read OUT OF STOCK - contact me! ( and don't panic!)

I make up the boxes to order, so it's not a problem - and please note : occasionally you might find an alternative 5 cards in the boxes depending on my stock levels and demand

BLUE BOX only: I can swap in 5 of the same monogrammed initial cards instead of one of the other set of 5 cards (A-Z available)

Box 1 - Navy Thank you, Neon Dragonfly, Navy Star, Neon THANK YOU

Box 2 - Neon Green Daisy,  Neon XOX, 3 Neon Stars,  Neon THANK YOU

Box 3 - Neon Pink THANK YOU, Neon XOX, Neon Heart, Neon Bee

Box 4 - Neon Orange THANK YOU, 3 Neon Stars, Neon Smiley Face, Neon Bee