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Woman at work sign teal blue and pink
Woman At Work metal sign, teal and baby pink


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I came up with the idea for this during lockdown3, with 2 teenagers home schooling and a husband working from home, I needed to let them know that I was at work too! 

It's perfect for all the multi-tasking Mums out there... and whether you are a city financier, interior designer, teacher, cook, ironing,  writing letters or compiling a weekly shopping list, we all need a bit of space to work!

My sign adorns the studio door, but you can add it to your desk, your kitchen wall or your workspace wherever that is!

Made by the 1894sign company in Sheffield, who used to make registration plates for cars, this sign is my design and comes in the colours of Teal as background with baby pink lettering.

Made of metal 

Size 34cm x 15.2 cm

4 holes for hanging purposes - screws not included.